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RCA DVD Player RC5225P

RCA's RC5220P DVD-video player is everything you'd want in a basic, budget model: a slim, lightweight player with extensive features at a good price. The RC5220P's S-video and composite-video outputs, well served by the player's state-of-the-art 10-bit digital video converters, deliver a clear, sharp image. This feature is excellent for a sub-$300 DVD player.

In the audio realm, we found the RC5220P to sound as good as other players in its price range, with an above-average-sounding headphone jack. The player outputs both Dolby Digital and DTS surround-sound formats through a single, switchable Toslink optical connection. Because the Toslink is an optical connector, you need to make sure that your surround receiver or processor accepts optical inputs rather than the standard coaxial inputs. Some of the higher-end audio options that you forego by purchasing this lower-priced model are six-channel analog audio outputs and a more common digital connection type in a dedicated coaxial (rather than Toslink) output.

Connection issues aside, the player offers a host of minor features that together help chisel "bargain" right across the RC5220P's name. Among these are parental lock-out, bookmarking, and RF-adapter capability. With parental lock-out, you can code the RC5220P to play no discs at all or only discs bearing certain user-determined ratings. Using bookmarks, the player can instantly recall up to 10 favorite moments within a DVD or CD. (Bookmarks clear when you remove the disc.) Finally, the RF adapter permits you to use the RC5220P with older televisions that may not have S-Video or composite-video inputs.

Setup was quick and simple, taking only minutes from cracking open the box to enjoying a movie or CD. Programming was a breeze; the only primary programming feature not obvious from the get-go was the track-skip feature on the supplied remote control. But the clear, well-written manual clarified this. For dollar-conscious AV enthusiasts, you can't do much better.


Good picture and sound
Tons of features
Easy to integrate with older systems
Rapid setup


Player froze up once during review
Front panel display doesn't show DVD track number
Headphone jack uses buttons rather than rotary knob





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