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DVD-Video/Video, MP3, CD/CDPlayer

Panasonic DVD Player
Panasonic DVD-RV31K

Panasonic DVD-RV31K
Main Features


  • MP3 CD Playback enables you to play CDs burned with MP3 digital audio files. Unlike standard CDRs that hold only 75 minutes, MP3 compression allows you to store up to 11 hours of music on one CDR.
  • Component Video Outputs Provide the highest level of video signal transfer quality available today when connected to televisions equipped with compatible inputs. By dividing the video signal into component elements, component video outputs deliver a remarkable improvement in picture detail at maximum resolution, with unmatched color purity and edge detail. Color blooming and "hanging dots" are eliminated, and other NTSC artifacts are eliminated.
  • Digital Cinema Mode combines brightness control with picture noise canceling to give you a better picture under certain viewing conditions. This feature lessens the glare typical of direct-view TV screens, resulting in colors that are more cinema-like, and picture resolution that is gentler to the eyes. Also, this feature improves the visibility in dark scenes by automatically adjusting the picture contrast, as well as suppressing color smearing.
  • Optical Dolby Digital & DTS Output Allows connection to amplifiers and receivers with optical digital audio inputs and Dolby Digital or DTS decoders.
  • DTS® Compatibility allows the DVD player to pickup and output DTS (Digital Theater System) 5.1 channel audio signals for decoding by DTS-decoding receivers. The sound of DTS is three-dimensional with a wide dynamic range and a minimum of compression artifacts.
  • Twin Laser Pickup Using one objective lens with two laser units having different wavelengths optimized for DVD and CD reproduction.

  • Audio Features
    Virtual Surround Sound When using the DVD player with only two front speakers, this technology creates a surround-sound effect by incorporating a portion of the center-surround information into the left and right stereo signals.

  • Video Features
    Frame Advance Allows you to stop the action and advance, forward or backward, one perfect still frame at a time.
  • Still Picture Display Provides a freeze frame capability during movies, as well as a diagnostic/adjustment tool for fine-tuning picture quality.

  • Connections
    Component Video Outputs 1

    Composite Video Outputs 1

    S-Video Outputs 1

    Stereo Audio Outputs 1

    Optical Digital Output 1

  • Additional Features
    On-Screen Menu System On-screen displays make it easy to adjust more picture, sound, and convenience features from either the remote control or the front panel controls.

  • Specifications
    Dimensions 16-15/16" W x 3-7/32" H x 9-23/32" D

    Unit Weight 5.7 lbs.

    Shipping Weight 8 lbs.




$196.90 (including shipping) Buy Now
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